Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are all too easily neglected and ignored - until they start dropping lumps of masonry through the roof or onto the car! Many of the UK's chimneys are in dreadful condition, exposed to the harshest of the wind, rain and frost, yet inaccessible for ordinary repair work.

And if you are worried about the condition of your chimney, it can be very difficult to find anyone to do the work - most roofers don't know how to lay bricks, and most bricklayers don't want to work at height!

We therefore offer a specialist service for chimneys featuring:

  • repair and re-pointing of chimney stack brickwork
  • complete rebuilding of structurally impaired chimney stacks
  • height reduction - the high chimneys traditionally built for coal fires are no longer necessary for gas boiler exhaust gases, and can represent a maintanance nightmare!
  • chimney removal/capping where a functional chimney is no longer required.

Including putting up scaffolding, we can work on the hardest to reach chimney stacks, and quote for complete jobs at reasonable prices based on our considerable experience and expertise in this area.